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The Food Truck Yard in Lower Greenville

Inside the Truck Yard

Inside the Truck Yard (photo by

It’s gorgeous weather to hang outside at the Truck Yard on Lower Greenville. The new home for food trucks feature a rotating schedule so there’s always something different to try. We checked it out at 5.30pm on a Sunday night and it was so packed, there was not a vacant seat in sight!

Front of the Truck Yard (photo by

Front of the Truck Yard (photo by

So we ended up sitting on the long table up the front and discovered what could be the best seat in the house for the kids, right in front of the tempting window of the cult ice cream shop, Carnival Barkers. There’s even an old helicopter ride out there for the kids to play on. The downside is that adults can’t bring their adult beverages out to the front.

Easy Sliders (photo by

Easy Sliders (photo by

Inside there were a few food trucks – Easy Slider, Tutta’s and Salsa Limon. Given the crowd, we lined up for only one truck and decided that Easy Slider catered to the whole family best. Portabello mushroom with pesto and mozzarella for Mama, classic for the two IttyBittyFoodies and Sweet & Low down with bacon, strawberry jam and creamy goat cheese for the Beefcake.

Carnival Barkers Ice Creams (photo by

Carnival Barkers Ice Creams (photo by

For dessert, the kids got Carnival Barkers’ ice creams. Lollo could not wait for his frozen chocolate banana and I ended my meal with a rootbeer float.

Rootbeer float from Carnival Barker's Ice cream at the Truck Yard (photo by

Rootbeer float from Carnival Barker’s Ice cream at the Truck Yard (photo by

It’s pretty AWESOME that Dallas is finally getting onto food truck fever and what a great way to support local businesses. After dinner, we highly going across the road to check out Trader Joe’s for groceries, fun snacks and cheap flowers. The Lower Greenville area keeps getting better!

Click here for more info on the Truck Yard.

Till our next Happy Meal!

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  • Food: Changing food truck schedule
  • Ambiance: Outdoors, casual with a cool Austin vibe
  • Service: Casual and friendly
  • Kid Friendliness: :) :) :) :) :)
  • Itty Bitty Foodies Tip:  Check out the Truck Yard page to check schedule
  • Parent Foodies Tip: Do your next week’s shopping for school snacks, groceries etc at the Trader Joe’s across the road

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Cheryl Collett, Itty Bitty Foodies - Yummy Adventures with Kids!

Cheryl Collett, Itty Bitty Foodies - Yummy Adventures with Kids!

Hailing from Australia, Cheryl Collett is a global gypsy who have lived in over 13 cities. She now resides in the US with her husband and 3 rambunctious boys. She is a freelance lifestyle writer, recipe tester and food taster on Food Network. Itty Bitty Foodies lets her blog about her passions: family, food & travel.


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