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(Clockwise) Laminated brioche, almond croisssant, chocolate  canelés and pain au chocolat

(Clockwise) Laminated brioche, almond croisssant, chocolate canelés and pain au chocolat

Like little pigs with their noses to the ground sniffing for truffles, every so often a foodie finds a hidden treasure like we did with Village Baking Company. For months we drove by their baking facility on University Blvd and each time my little piggies hold their noses in the air commenting that something smelt yummy. Then one day, someone propped up a small sign that said “Pastries & Artisan Breads” that lured us right into their small showroom lined with fresh baked breads and pastries. There’s no ‘shop front’ to speak of and you just pull up to what looks like the backdoor to the baking warehouse.


We’ve picked up their artisanal breads before at the White Rock Local Market but this little gem of store also stocks French pastries. Croissants abound in plain, almond or chocolate.

Kouign-Amman (L) and pear croissant

Kouign-Amman (L) and pear croissant

Also more unknown ones like the Kouign-Amann (pronounced ‘queen-ah-mon’) a butter cake with origin from Breton, France. It’s richer than a croissant more buttery and definitely a must when you’re not watching calories.

Chocolate  canelés

Chocolate canelés

While you’re there, pick up the canelés. With a smooth custard center the  canelé is like a bite sized crème brûlée wrapped in a caramelized crust.


Village Baking Co is open Tues to Saturday so next time you drive by and see that sign, follow your nose and drop into this hidden gem. For more info go to Village Baking Co website.

Till our next Happy Meal!

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