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Hypnotic Donuts

Dallas has fallen under the spell of Hypnotic Donuts in Casa Linda. At 9.45am on a Saturday morning, our line was busting out the door as they tortured us with the beckoning aromas of donuts mixed with fried chicken. The cult following started in 2010 when Hypnotic Donuts shared a space with The Pizza Guy on weekends. This year, the Hypnotic hyppies finally found a home just down the street from the Dallas Arboretum on Garland Road.

Hypnotic Donuts feature both the light glazed donut base and the denser cake base but it’s what they’ve dressed them with that have earned them a reputation for extreme donuts. Check out the Mexico which features a glazed donut with vanilla frosting, jalapeno and tabasco or Jenny’s Evil Elvis, an ode to the king with peanut butter, banana, honey and bacon. The kids stared at all the weird and wonderful combinations wide eyed and a little unsure.

The wacky selection reminded Pikelet & Lollo of Bob Staake’s hilarious book, The Donut Chef. It’s a tale of a chef who started a popular donut shop only to face tough competition from a second donut shop a few doors down. Soon the two donut places were trying to one up each other finding over the top combinations to the point where they don’t resemble donuts anymore. In the end, a little girl looks at all the donuts and declares (spoiler alert) she wants ‘glazed!’

Lucky for us, Hypnotic Donuts do have glazed donuts and very good ones at that. Light and airy with a thin crisp glazed crust. Pikelet chose a chocolate cake donut with almonds, chocoolate glaze and coconut. It was sweet, dense and rich and he finally finished at dinner time after filling up on a few bites throughout the day. Lollo’s glazed donut with sprinkles was pink sugary sweet.

I must say that the kids were bouncing off the walls afterwards but we all enjoyed ourselves. As for me, I left hankering for the fried chicken which they ran out of when we finally got to the counter.

Click here for more info on Hypnotic Donuts.

Till our next Happy Meal!


  • Food: Donuts with a difference – try something new!
  • Ambiance: Casual
  • Service: Over the counter
  • Kid Friendliness: :) :) :) :) :)
  • Itty Bitty Foodies Tip: It’s very sugary… my little ones were bouncing off the walls after
  • Parent Foodies Tip: Also if you’re in the area  or visiting the Dallas Arboretum, check out Good To Go Tacos – another one of IttyBittyFoodies faves.

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Cheryl Collett, Itty Bitty Foodies - Yummy Adventures with Kids!

Cheryl Collett, Itty Bitty Foodies - Yummy Adventures with Kids!

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