Grilled striped bass with two salad sides

Green House Market at Northpark Center – healthy mall fare

Believe it or not, our new favorite healthy eating spot is at the mall. Green House Market at Northpark Center with it’s chef driven, farm-to-table menu is a game changer to mall food. The little spot tucked behind AMC theaters (directly above Breadwinners) is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner …

Capellini with Puttanesca Sauce inspired by Lemony Snicket series (photo by

Easy Weeknight Recipe: Capellini Pasta with Puttanesca sauce

Books let the imagination soar and inspire young minds. Books also encourage kids to try new foods. The IttyBittyFoodies and I are reading the Lemony Snicket series and they asked to make Puttanesca sauce like the Baudelair orphans did in the book. And they loved it!

Pasta from Lucido's Pasta & Herbs - photo by

Saint Michael’s Farmers Market

The Saint Michael’s Farmers Market is back! Founded in 2012, this fledgling summer market will be held every Saturday from 8am-12noon till September 6th. It’s a small farmer’s market but a true one, attracting farmers and growers who practice natural, sustainable, organic farming and artisans who make their own baked goods, tamales, …

17 month hipster Googie nabs a seat out the front of Monkey King Noodle Company - photo by

Hipster Chinese Street Eats at Monkey King Noodle Company in Deep Ellum

The IttyBittyFoodies love escaping their reality to hang out in hipster haven at the Monkey King Noodle Company in Deep Ellum. Ok the hipster part is really more for us parents who want to feel we still have a life after having kids but who doesn’t love noodles and dumplings …


Mr Wok Asian Bistro in Plano

I tell Pikelet & Lollo to share all the time but I must confess, there’s one thing I’ve been keeping all to myself.  It’s my secret favorite Chinese restaurant for Peking duck that I’ve not been able to part with until now… Mr Wok Asian Bistro! The unassuming Chinese/American Chinese restaurant up …

Texas Rio Star Grapefruit Salad with Ramen - photo by

Easy Recipe: Texas Rio Star Grapefruit glazed Salmon and Rio Ramen Salad

“Grapefruit, grapefruit at the stall. Who’s the sweetest of them all?”  Texas Rio Star grapefruit of course! The Texas state fruit  is not only sweetest but also the reddest. Grown in the Rio Grand Valley on 28,000 acres, the sub-tropical climate and fertile soil work together to produce stellar fruit. …

Edible love from Empire Baking Company (photo by

Happy Valentine’s Day from IttyBittyFoodies

Edible gifts are the best for our family. We share the love over the dining table and this gorgeous Valentine’s Day hamper from the sweethearts at Empire Baking Company makes our family time even more special.


Easy Weeknight Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower ‘steaks’

  I’ve always loved cauliflower and though my kids are still unconvinced of the taste, I will present it on the table periodically in the hope that one day they will take to it. Remember our kids’ taste buds change over time and our goal is to continually expose them …


Miss Chi Vietnamese at Preston Center

Miss Chi is the latest fashionista to join the number of hipster Vietnamese restaurants in Dallas. Unlike the East Dallas gals like the nightowl, Dalat or the more serious Mot Hai Ba, Miss Chi is dressed in resort hues of citron and teal. Opened by Tanoshii Ramen owners, Chi and …


Happy New Year from the Itty Bitty Foodies

Our new year’s resolution for 2014 is to live a simpler life. To cut down on crazy schedules, spend more time together as a family and to live more in the moment. As for IttyBittyFoodies, we’ve got a new look for 2014 and hopefully easier navigation. We look forward to …


Easy recipe: Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs (char siu)

How does 10 minute prep time and 3 ingredients sound for an easy weeknight dinner? This Chinese BBQ Pork Ribs (char siu) recipe can be prepared in the morning and it will magically turn into a dinner by 5.30pm.

Rick Bayless at Macy's Culinary Council demonstration (

Why Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless doesn’t ‘trust’ jalapenos

“I don’t trust jalapenos,” laughes Chef Rick Bayless held at Macy’s Culinary Council cooking demonstration at Northpark center last weekend. Bravo’s Top Chef Master Winner and veteran chef/restauranteur was in Dallas showcasing holiday-inspired Mexican dishes followed by a delicious food tasting for select shoppers.


Ok who won the China Study Cookbook giveaway?

  Thank you everyone for entering the China Study Cookbook giveaway. The winner of the China Study Cookbook is…


Hiatus Spa – the gift of relaxation

One of the best presents Beefcake and I got each other was the gift of relaxation. Just after the birth of Lollo, we signed up for a H Circle membership at Hiatus Spa on Lovers Lane.That was six years ago. At the risk of sharing our little secret and making …


GIVEAWAY – China Study Cookbook

Just in time for holiday gifting or beginning a healthier New Year regimen, we are giving away the new China Study Cookbook by Leanne Campbell, PHD. The China Study Cookbook is packed with over 120 delicious plant-based recipes that are easy to make at home. What is the China Study …


Holiday Goodies: Empire Baking Company

There’s nothing that says the holidays than pumpkin spice and gingerbread. One of IttyBittyFoodies’ favorite locally owned bakeries, Empire Baking Company has released a line of holiday goods. I count it ‘almost homemade’ as everything is made from scratch with ingredients that I would use myself like Plugra™ butter and Callebaut™ chocolate …

READ MORE → gives you back money when you shop online

Here’s a money saving tip for online shopping.  Join Ebates is a website that gives you cash back (YES COLD HARD CASH) on every online purchase you make from their list of participating stores (and there’s 100s of them). And it’s not just clothes (think Nordstrom, Macy’s, Gap) and …


D: The Cookbook

This holiday season, consider gifting The Cookbook by DMagazine to friends. It’s a fantastic culmination of recipes from Dallas’ most beloved chefs. If in the future you wondered what was happening in the Dallas’ culinary scene in 2013, this would be your culinary time capsule. There are recipes from this …


The Food Truck Yard in Lower Greenville

It’s gorgeous weather to hang outside at the Truck Yard on Lower Greenville. The new home for food trucks feature a rotating schedule so there’s always something different to try. We checked it out at 5.30pm on a Sunday night and it was so packed, there was not a vacant …


How to make a Rainbow Loom Darth Vader charm

Gosh, don’t you wish you had invented Rainbow Loom? Not only are these toy looms great for the little ones’ dexterity and fine motor skills, it’s a great activity to bring to restaurants to keep kids occupied while waiting. In case you’ve been living under a rock these looms which …